Great Works Feed Supply offers a wide variety of feed types to suit any large or small animal's feed needs. We have a large selection of products including cubes, oats, minerals, and whole and cracked corn, so we can fulfill any order you place. It is also our pleasure to order any type of feed for our customers that we may not have in stock at the time you may need it. We guarantee the quickest order and delivery of the product you need to our store to the best of our abilities.

Our wide range of feeds and supplies, competitive prices and overall knowledge of the animals we love is what keeps customers coming back for more! We offer friendly management who genuinely care about the health, happiness and well-being of animals. From big to small, feathered, finned or furry, we have plenty of food, healthy treats and accessories for your pet. With a wide array of experience and knowledge behind the counter, come and give us a try?

We offer feed delivery services to local farms for all your pet and livestock needs. Contact our sales office for minimum orders and delivery days for your area.



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Bedding Koop Clean 
Bedding Lime 
Bedding Pellets 
Bedding Shavings 
Bedding Straw Bales 
Bedding Sweet PDZ 
Farm Supplies Brooms 
Farm Supplies Buckets 
Farm Supplies Heated Waterers 
Farm Supplies Manure Forks 
Farm Supplies Poultry Feeders 
Farm Supplies Poultry Waterers 
Farm Supplies Shovels 
Farm Supplies Water Tanks 
Feed Alfalfa Cubes 
Feed Alfalfa Pellets 
Feed Barley 
Feed Beet Pulp Pellets 
Feed Beet Pulp Shreds 
Feed Beet Pulp Shreds w/Molasses 
Feed Corn ~ Cracked 
Feed Corn ~ Flaked 
Feed Corn ~ Whole 
Feed  Flax Seed 
Feed Kelp 
Feed Milk Replacer 
Feed Oats 
Feed Pig 
Feed Timothy/Alfalfa Cubes 
Feed Timothy/Alfalfa Pellets 
Feed Timothy Pellets 
Feed Turkey 
Feed  Wheat Bran 
Feed ~ Alpaca ~ Poulin Maintenance 
Feed ~ Alpaca ~ Poulin Milk & Cria 
Feed ~ Bird Black Oil Sunflower 
Feed ~ Bird Seed 
Feed ~ Bird  Suet 
Feed ~ Bird Sunflower Hearts 
Feed ~ Blue Seal EZ Pels 
Feed ~ Blue Seal Hay Stretcher 
Feed ~ Blue Seal Min A Vite Lite 
Feed ~ Blue Seal Sunshine Plus 
Feed ~ Cow ~ Poulin HiLine 16% 
Feed ~ Cow ~ Poulin OptiCalf 
Feed ~ Cow ~ Poulin Textra 14 
Feed ~ Cow ~ Poulin Textra 16 
Feed ~ Cow ~ Poulin Textra 18 
Feed ~ Dengie Alfa A 
Feed ~ Dengie HiFi 
Feed ~ Dengie HiFi Gold 
Feed ~ Dengie Totally Timothy 
Feed ~ Dog Chicken Soup 
Feed ~ Dog Grain Free * Diamond 
Feed ~ Dog ProForm 
Feed ~ Dog Taste Of The Wild 
Feed ~ Dog Treats  
Feed ~ Goat Dairy 
Feed ~ Goat Meat 
Feed ~ Goat Sweet 16% 
Feed ~ Horse Max E Glo  
Feed ~ Horse ~ Blue Seal Sentinel Lifetime 
Feed ~ Horse ~ Blue Seal Sentinel Performance LS 
Feed ~ Horse ~ Blue Seal Sentinel Senior 
Feed ~ Horse ~ Blue Seal Strider 
Feed ~ Horses ~ Blue Seal Trotter 
Feed ~ Horses ~ Cavalor Endurix 
Feed ~ Horses ~ Cavalor FiberForce 
Feed ~ Horses ~ Cavalor Fifty-Fifty 
Feed ~ Horses ~ Cavalor Mash & Mix 
Feed ~ Horses ~ Cavalor Performix 
Feed ~ Horses ~ Cavalor Pianissimo 
Feed ~ Horses ~ Cavalor Strucomix 
Feed ~ Horses ~ Cavalor Strucomix Senior 
Feed ~ Horses ~ Nutrena Boost - Rice Bran Pellet 
Feed ~ Horses ~ Nutrena Safe Choice Original 
Feed ~ Horses ~ Nutrena Safe Choice Perform 
Feed ~ Horses ~ Nutrena Safe Choice Senior 
Feed ~ Horses ~ Poulin Balancer 
Feed ~ Horses ~ Poulin Carb Safe 
Feed ~ Horses ~ Poulin Challenger 
Feed ~ Horses ~ Poulin Complete 
Feed ~ Horses ~ Poulin Endurance 
Feed ~ Horses ~ Poulin Etec - LC Senior 
Feed ~ Horses ~ Poulin E-Tec One 
Feed ~ Horses ~ Poulin Fibre Max 
Feed ~ Horses ~ Poulin Forage Extender Mini 
Feed ~ Horses ~ Poulin Forage Extender Super 
Feed ~ Horses ~ Poulin Mare & Foal 
Feed ~ Horses ~ Poulin Performance 
Feed ~ Horses ~ Poulin PerforMax 
Feed ~ Horses ~ Poulin ProMax 
Feed ~ Horses ~ Poulin Senior 
Feed ~ Horses ~ Poulin Sprint 
Feed ~ Horses ~ Poulin Stable Sweet 
Feed ~ Orgainic ~ Green Mountain Layer Pellet 
Feed ~ Organic ~ Green Mountain Broiler Grower 
Feed ~ Organic ~ Green Mountain Chick Starter 
Feed ~ Organic ~ Green Mountain Coarse Layer 
Feed ~ Organic ~ Green Mountain Cracked Corn 
Feed ~ Organic ~ Green Mountain Dairy Pellets 
Feed ~ Organic ~ Green Mountain Layer Pellet - Soy Free 
Feed ~ Organic ~ Green Mountain Pig 
Feed ~ Organic ~ Green Mountain Poultry Grower 
Feed ~ Organic ~ Green Mountain Scratch 
Feed ~ Organic ~ Green Mountain Sheep & Goat 
Feed ~ Organic ~ Green Mountain Whole Corn 
Feed ~ Poulin All Stock  
Feed ~ Poultry Chicken Grit 
Feed ~ Poultry Oyster Shells 
Feed ~ Poultry ~ Poulin Broiler Crumble 
Feed ~ Poultry ~ Poulin Chick Starter 
Feed ~ Poultry ~ Poulin Egg Production 
Feed ~ Poultry ~ Poulin Grower Finisher Crumblet 
Feed ~ Poultry ~ Poulin Layer Crumbles 
Feed ~ Poultry ~ Poulin Layer Mash 
Feed ~ Poultry ~ Poulin Layer Pellet 
Feed ~ Poultry ~ Poulin Scratch  
Feed ~ Sheep ~ Poulin Complete 
Feed ~ Sheep ~ Poulin Lamb & Kid 
Fencing Chargers 
Fencing Insulators 
Fencing Posts 
Fencing Wire 
Hay Bales 
Minerals Alpaca 
Minerals Cow 
Minerals Goat 
Minerals Sheep 
Salt Blocks ~ White & TM 
Salt Bricks ~ White & TM 
Salt Himalayn 
Salt Loose ~ White & TM 
Supplements Horse 
Supplements Manna Pro Calf Manna 
Supplements Minerals 
Wormers Dog 
Wormers Horse 
Wormers Livestock 
Wormers Pig 
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